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Office Address
Centre Starco, Bloc A , Floor 9 , Office № 906
Georges Picot Street , Mina El Hosn
Beirut - Lebanon
Tel / Fax : 961 1 370 130
               961 1 365 697
E-mail :
Office Presentation
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Level: Senior
Sector: Fiscal policies and Public Finance reforms,
Transition to market economy
Financial sector rehabilitation and modernization,
Needs assessment and Monitoring
Macro economy & sustainable development policies

Address: Georges Picot Street, STARCO Bdlg., Office 906, Beirut, Lebanon
Tel/Fax: 961 1 370 130
Surname: CORM
Name: Georges
Date and place of birth: June 15, 1940 – Alexandria (Egypt)
Nationality: French & Lebanese
Civil Status: Married, three children

Institut d’Etudes Politiques (IEP), Paris
Date: (from-to month/year) From 09/1958 to 06/1961
Degree: Graduated from the Institute; Major: Economic and Finance, Sub-Major: Public Economy.
Institution: Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Economiques (Panthéon), Paris
Date: (from-to month/year)
From Sept. 1958 to June1962 (Licence en droit privé)
From Sept. 1965 to Nov. 1966 (DES en droit public)
From 1966 to 1969 (Doctorat d’Etat en droit public)
Degree: Licence in private and Commercial Law (1962)
Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures in Constitutional Law (DES) (1966)
Doctorat d’Etat in Constitutional Law (Ph. D.) 1969

Language skills
(Mark 1 to 5 for competence, where 5 is the highest):
Language Passive Spoken Written
Arabic 5 5 5
French 5 5 5
English 5 4.5 4.5

Membership of professional bodies:
Member of several Academic European and Middle Eastern Consultative or Scientific Councils, Member and Secretary General of the Board of Trustee of the Arab Anti-corruption organization.

Other skills:
Computer literacy (Excel, Word, PowerPoint); knowledge of the history of the Middle East; author of various books published and translated in several languages.

Present Position:Independent Economic and Financial Consultant

Years of professional experience: 43 (including two years as Minister of Finance)

Key qualifications: Structural Adjustment programs, Development policies, Public Finance Reforms, including two years as Minister of Finance of the Republic of Lebanon (December 1988-October 2000), Banks and Public Enterprises rehabilitation and fiscal and monetary reforms. Several studies on private sector performance in the Arab countries. Research and writing experience with good publication record in several languages.

Specific experience in non industrialised countries:
Country Date (from-to month/year) Name and brief description of the project
Albania 1995-19961997 Banking and Public Enterprises Restructuring and Privatization – Monitoring of progress achieved (The World Bank)
Team Leader: Preparation of the TOR for a EU Program to modernize Bank’s accounting and introduce a new Accounting Plan for Banks (The European Union)
Algeria 1987-1988 1988-1989   1989-1992 Restructuring of the Algerian Development Bank
(The World Bank)
Study on the Restructuring of the Algerian Foreign Debt (The Central Bank of Algeria)
Pre-appraisal of a Structural Adjustment Loan for the Financial Sector (The World Bank)
Advisory work on liberalizing Exchange Control Regulations and Regulations of the Banking Sector (including the preparation of new laws and Regulations); as well as advisory work on restructuring Bank’s balance sheets (The Central Bank of Algeria)
Arab & Mediterranean region 1996 2001-2002 2002-2003   2003   2005 Study on Sustainable Human Development and Macro-Economics in the Arab World (UN Economic & Social Commission for Western Asia)
Study on Indebtedness of ESCWA countries and study on Mobilizing resources in the ESCWA Region (UN Economic & Social Commission for Western Asia)
Study on Mobilization of financial resources and cooperation for sustainable development in the Mediterranean Region (Plan Bleu d’action pour la Méditerranée)
Study on Strategy for sustainable development in the Mediterranean Region (UN Environment program – Mediterranean Action Plan)
Study on the role of the private sector in development in the Arab region (The Islamic Development Bank)
Study on improving foreign investment climate in Bahrain and Oman (UN Economic & Social Commission for Western Asia)
Regional Report on Labor emigration and insourcing in MENA countries (The World Bank)
Bahrain 1995 2001-2003 Study on the restructuring of Bahrain Development Bank (The World Bank)
Quality control on consulting work done for the reorganisation of the Ministry of Work and Housing by TEAM International
Iran 1998 Pre-appraisal study of the Iranian Banking Sector (The World Bank)
Lebanon 1994-1995   1995   1997-1998   2002 2004   2005   1963-69 1998-2000 The Central Bank of Lebanon
Study on the Real Estate Portfolio of the Central Bank and proposals for a Defeasance policy
Association of Banks in Lebanon:
Study on the Competitiveness of the Lebanese Banking System (3 volumes)
Association of Lebanese Engineers:
Study on Restructuring the Health Care Fund
Study on Restructuring the Pension Fund
Study on the reorganization and strengthening of Finance and Accounting Functions ; monitoring of implementation
Up-date of the Study on the Restructuring of the Pension Fund
Fund for Economic and Social Development
Contribution to an overall study financed by the EU on defining a Social Strategy for Lebanon
Feasibility study for the opening of an affiliated bank in Algeria
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
A study on “Analysis of public debt dynamics in Lebanon and proposals for a restructuring of parts of the debt together with monetary and fiscal reforms”.   See below for experience as former Civil Servant and as former Minister of Finance 
Morocco 1985-1988

1994 2005
For the World Bank Public Enterprises Rehabilitation Loan (PERL)
Support Loan to Public Administration (PAAP)
Reform of the Investment Budget (presentation and procedures)
Study on incentive policy to export and investment (Morocco and Tunisia)
For the European Union
Team Leader, Evaluation of the Structural Adjustment Program for the Financial Sector
Oman 1995 Vision Study for the future of the Financial and Banking Sector (The World Bank)
Syria 1996-1997   2001 For the European Union Team Leader to conduct an Appraisal study of the modernization needs of the Syrian MOF (Budget, Taxes, Treasury, Customs, Public Debt, IT) and preparation of the TOR to implement a modernization program. For the World Bank Team Leader for Appraisal Study of the Agricultural Bankand proposals for restructuring
Team leader, Appraisal study of the new banking legislation allowing private banks to operate in Syria (For IFC)
Tanzania 1992-1993 Study of Public Enterprises indebtedness in view of their privatisation (For the World Bank)
Tunisia 2006 For the European Union Team leader, Elaboration of a Budgetary support for a Program to enhance competitivity of the Tunisian economy (e-government, Budget by objective, liberalisation of industrial sectors)
Turkey 2004 For European Union Team leader, Assistance to Tax reform (gap analysis, needs assessment, Project Fiche and elaboration of a five years Action Plan)
Yemen 1998 Appraisal of Specialized Yemeni Banks (For the World Bank)

Professional experience:
Date (from-to month/year) Since January 2001
Location Beirut – Lebanon
Company/Organisation Georges Corm Consulting Office
Position Head of the Office
Job Description Economic & Financial Consulting activities
Date (from-to month/year) December 4, 1998 to October 28, 200
Location Beirut – Lebanon
Company/Organisation Ministry of Finance
Position Minister
Job Description During the tenure as Minister of Finance several actions to reform public finances were undertaken: (i) a Five years Fiscal Consolidation Plan to reduce overall indebtedness of the Treasury from 125% of GDP to 96% and the annual fiscal deficit from 14% of GDP to 5%. Tax modernization, including the introduction of VAT and of global income tax system, as well as privatization of the main public services were the two main tools to reach the objectives of the Plan ; (ii) through a special legislation submitted to Parliament and approved promptly, the Ministry of Finance was able to settle the huge arrears due by the State to private companies; (iii) a law on privatisation  was prepared and approved by Parliament (iv) a law on VAT was prepared and sent to Parliament, all preparatory measures to implement VAT by January 1st 2001 were put in place at the Ministry of Finance including training (VAT was adopted by the next Government and introduced in February 2002) (v) a draft law to reorganise the capital market and secure the full independence of the Banking Control Commission (vi) various measures to stimulate the growth of the insurance industry. The EU supported the reforms introduced through a 50 million Euro grant to the MOF.
Date (from-to month/year) From August 1985 to October 1998
Location Paris
Company/Organisation Cabinet Georges CORM – Economic & Financial Studies
Position Head of the Office
Job Description Consulting activities for a number of international, regional and national organisations, including FAO, UNDP, ESCWA, Agence Française de Développement, DATAR (France), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (France), the European Union, the World Bank, Central banks and private banks and firms (project financing, financial restructuring, feasibility for investment projects, investment fund structuring).
Date (from-to month/year From January 1980 to July 1985
Location Beirut – Lebanon
Company/Organisation Central Bank of Lebanon (Banque du Liban)
Position Advisor to the Governor of the Bank
Job Description Advising on the management of Foreign Exchange reserves, managing the Investment Dept. of Intra Investment C° (an affiliate of Bk of Lebanon) and later managing an affiliate of Intra Inv. in France ; managing the Société d’investissements financiers that was entrusted with the assets of a failed local commercial bank.
Date (from-to month/year) From June 1973 to December 1979
Location Beirut – Lebanon
Company/Organisation National Bank of Algeria Representative Office
Position General Representative for the Middle East
Job Description Arranged more than one billion dollars of financing for the Algerian borrowers on all big financial markets; advised the Algerian Ministry of Finance on borrowing policies on international markets.
Date (from-to month/year) From September 1970 to June 1973
Location Paris
Company/Organisation Union de Banques Arabes et Françaises (UBAF) – a consortium of French and Arab Banks
Position Deputy Director, International Financial Affairs
Job Description Arranging loans and issuing bonds for large clients of the bank and managing the bond portfolio of the bank
Date (from-to month/year) From June 1969 to July 1970
Location Beirut – Lebanon
Company/Organisation Credit Lyonnais Regional Representative Office
Position Deputy General Representative
Job Description Developing all kind of banking business with ME markets
Date (from-to month/year) From June 1964 to June 1969
Location Beirut – Lebanon
Company/Organisation Ministry of Finance
Position Expert in charge of Monetary and Financial Affairs
Job Description In charge of coordination with Central Bank, IMF and WB ; preparation of the Budget speech ; Studies on reforming the Lebanese Tax system in cooperation with Ford Foundation.
Date (from-to month/year) From February 1963 to June 1964
Location Beirut – Lebanon
Company/Organisation Planning Ministry
Position Economist
Job Description Analysis of policies improving mobilization of financial resources.

Teaching experience at several big Universities in Lebanon; presently Professor at Saint-Joseph University in Beirut (Course on International Economic Cooperation and MA course on Financial Management of the State).

Publications and Seminars:  numerous books and articles in academic journals (list available).

List of articles
List of books

Beirut, March 30, 2006

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